Thursday, 29 March 2012


Another red hot scandal is currently rotating in Nollywood.

Unfortunately, it involves the sister of an actress who has been rolling up and down in bad press lately.

From the South South, with alphabets N and I rocking and racing in her name and surname, many can’t forget in a hurry her recent war with a colleague and friend which led to her being evicted from the friends’s Lekki,Lagos home.

Her sister whose name begins with alphabet I used to date a top actor who at a time was the AGN president.

The bulky actor, from the Eastern part of the country, however, took to his heels after the lady infected him with gonorrhea,thus ending the relationship.

The actor’s name begins with the fifth alphabet and he still hasn’t recovered from the pains and shame, even many months after.

The actress whose works are currently ruling at cinema and on home videos is gap-tooth and good looking.

Like her sister, she is equally wild and wicked on bed.


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