Tuesday, 6 March 2012


He may be an actor by profession but what transpired aboard the flight he was scheduled to fly in on February 2,2012,from a Lagos flight was not a script from a scene he was about to shoot !

According to eye witness report, Chiwetalu Agu came on board the flight in Enugu,but the flight was delayed in Lagos due to bad weather,so the plane arrived late in Enugu.

Unfortunately,the systems were down in Enugu,so they were doing manual boarding.This caused a lot of seat duplication and Chiwetalu was also affected.

The lead crew told him to wait so the issue could be sorted out.She even wanted him to wait so that she could upgrade him but alas the actor got impatient and started pushing the lady,screaming that he couldn?t wait any longer.

And the lady warned him to desist from pushing her or he might not be allowed to fly.All the plea fell on deaf ears.

The actor was joined by other passengers, and that was how the noise got louder and all the people shouting in the plane were warned of the implications of their actions.But Chiwetalu?s voice rose so loud that the pilot was forced to call in the airport security and as they whisked the actor away,all the other noise makers suddenly kept quiet and didn?t move an inch when they were given the option of following Chiwetalu out of the plane.

The actor kept screaming at the top of his voice that he would never fly Air Nigeria again.

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