Thursday, 5 April 2012


Information made available to us indicates that an alleged well shrouded romance is on between National President of AGN,Segun Arinze and sexy actress Ejiro Okurame.

According to those in the know the two personalities have been enveloped in a very discreet affair for some time now.

According to sources, the romance tales kicked-off one year after Mr. Arinze’s emergence as AGN leader.

They were allegedly very close friends before Mr. Arinze embraced power and gradually what seemed to be ordinary friendship allegedly materialized into a love affair.

They are said to be so secret that just a handful of followers of their ways know of the development.

It was alleged that their close affiliation resulted to the strategic positions the Delta State born pretty damsel has been occupying and enjoying in the past one year.

This is because,the number one citizen of AGN placed her in various positions where she primarily benefits from all the largess of the guild.She is said to have gotten directly involved in almost every activity that yielded income for AGN National and Lagos Chapter where she is a member.

Different instances were given by insider sources on all the proceeds that Ms. Okurame has garnered from her relationship with Mr.Arinze in the past one year.

During Nollywood’s campaign for President Goodluck Jonathan,a multi million naira contract we gathered came from Abuja,Ms. Okurame was one of the committee members who organized the income allocated to strategic people who took part in the exercise.She and few others spearheaded all the committee meetings held before and after the campaign rally.

In fact,the source revealed that she was the one who played the role of oversight over every activity that occurred within the moment,as many people were answerable to her.

Subsequently,on October 2011 Actors’ Guild of Nigeria was sponsored by oil mogul Ifeanyi Uba to United States of America to facilitate collaborative ventures with their Hollywood counterparts.

In the entourage of Nollywood stakeholders who traveled to US such as, Segun Arinze,Emeka Rollas Ejezie,Kingsley Ogbonna(Dauda),Kanayo O Kanayo,Bob Manuel Odokwu,Obi Osotule,Ejiro Okurame happened to be the only lady that made the trip.

The source allegedly revealed that Mr. Arinze singled her out to keep the atmosphere warm while the trip lasted.

Subsequently,the burial of veteran actor Sam Loco Efe was said to offered the two film makers another opportunity to have swell times together,as insiders insisted that they were together at Benin City,Edo State.

Reacting to the story when Ms. Okurame was contacted,she said So it’s no more actors week account,it’s now dating Segun,I believe I should expect to hear sooner or later that I have a child for him or he bought a house for me in Lekki…This why most major artistes don’t ever mingle with AGN…I was warned by some top actors to refuse the post but I declined,now I know better…Please tell those rumour mongers to get a life !!!


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