Thursday, 24 May 2012


That Silverbird’s Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria,MBGN, is the most prestigious pageant in the whole of Africa right now,is not in doubt.
It is also noteworthy that in the past few years,the pageant has had to weather controversies arising from the quality of girls who have won the pageant.
This year is not different as controversy is already enveloping the winner,Isabella Agbor Ayuk.
According to those who hold the view that she should not have emerged,the new beauty queen is allegedly an age cheat.Those who peddle this allegation say her correct age should be 30 and not the 26 she presently claims.

The new MBGN who has been described as pageant  veteran is alleged to have  been competing in pageants for about 10 years before luck eventually smiled on her via the MBGN crown.
Those who know Isabella Ayuk disclosed that,her first shot in pageant was in 2002 when she was in her 200 level at the University of Calabar at 21.At that time she was unlucky to make it.She is alleged to have tried the MBGN in 2004 without luck.
She was again seen on the stage during the organization of the Queen of South South Nigeria in 2007 and emerged victorious.
In 2008,Isabella is said to have met a young man, one Mathew then a franchise holder of the Lachu Ramchandani led Miss Global International and was handpicked to represent Nigeria at the pageant in Jamaica in 2009.
After the pageant in Jamaica,Isabella was alleged to snatch the Miss Global International franchise from her boss,Mathew.
Indeed,she was said to have been given the franchise to host the Nigerian version of the pageant and field the nation’s beauty ambassador in 2010 but instead of hosting the pageant,she jumped on the plane and appeared again as the candidate for Nigeria.
The gist peddlers are also alleging that Isabella is an old single lady who lives large in Calabar and has 2 state of the art cars.They told us that one of her benefactors  who helped in her movement to the Miss Global International is Mr. Henry Imasheka,one of the business partners of the jailed former Delta State Governor,James Onanefe Ibori.
We shall tell you more about that later.
Isabella’s close friend claim that even if she was 17 in 2002 when she contested for her school’s beauty queen,that her real age now,was above that allowed by the rules of the pageant.


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