Friday, 25 May 2012


While the Okoye wonder twins,Paul and Peter,are busy amassing wealth from left,right and center and enjoying themselves,their younger sister is not finding things easy.
The girl,Mary has just been dumped by her lover,Zubby Michael.
We learn’t the reason for Zubby’s action might not be unconnected with her marriage proposal.
According to our source,Mary wants to settle down.But Zubby,who would not allow anything come between himself and his growing career,objected to the idea,hence the relationship hitting the rocks.
In a recent chat,Zubby stated that” I really would not have wanted this to be public,if not for the sake of our future relationship.

You see,Mary has been a very good girl to me,especially while this whole love affair lasted.To me,I think the reason we broke up is from me.I did not want it to go on any longer because I am not ready to settle down.And that,I believe,Mary seems to want now”.
He added that there is no need rushing in to marriage when you still have some things in your mind you want to achieve at a stipulated time.
As at the time of filing this report,we were unable to reach Mary to also react to the story.


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