Friday, 8 June 2012


Goldie is one of Nigeria’s celebrity representative in the ongoing BBA star game who stays in Upville has been getting quite some knocks from her compatriots for her frequent emotional breakdowns. To them, this is not vintage Goldie.
Simply, put, they expected a lot of wildness or even eccentricity from Goldie in the house but not emotional breakdowns.
This is the same Goldie that has been rocking the Nigerian music scene with her wild looks only to become so meek in the house.Perhaps,this is the real Goldie people do not know. Perhaps Goldie after all is just like your next door neighbor who knows how to do house shores and cook for the family.
Goldie has practically owned the kitchen since she got into the house.

Shouldn’t she be commended that despite all her wildness, eccentricity and sophistication on stage,Goldie remains an African woman, who will be capable of taking care of a man as a housewife. But the argument in some quarters say Karen did not need to cook for the house to win the last BBA.
Talking about taking care of a man, it seems Goldie has sure got one in the house and his name is Prezzo from Kenya.
The rapper seems to have managed to worm his way into Goldie’s heart in the last few weeks.
Both of them have spent quality time with each other in much of their time in the house, so much so that all the other housemates recognize them as an unofficial couple in the house and give them their space. In fact, Goldie has given Prezzo the kind of attention a real woman will give to her man.
She cooks for him and they both whisper sweet nothings to each other. They have embraced each other many times over and Prezzo,giving a peck or two has become common place.
Of course Goldie,as a true Nigerian girl has not allowed him to go beyond that. They are so into each other that when they are not together, it becomes awkward. Though they do have one or two misunderstandings sometimes, they quickly make up and it is not like what lovers don’t do.
Unfortunately, the relationship between Goldie and Prezzo has been laden with controversies from the viewer’s perspective. The begging question has been whether any of them is simply acting for the camera.
For instance,Prezzo keeps intentionally muddling his marital status. At one moment, he talks about his wife and at another moment, he talks as if he is a single father but one given is that he has a child. Though he has openly professed love for Goldie,the question has been whether he is just playing the game or simply aiming to make our star weak at her knees.
Fortunately, Goldie behaves.
The Kenyan who was attracted to Goldie in the first place because she was the most mature mind in the house has been blowing hot and cold to her in the last few days. He even sent Goldie into a fist of total emotional breakdown just a few days ago after telling her that they are just friends. Goldie cried and shivered and could not be consoled for several minutes, making a lot few wonder if Goldie could really be in love that much. He has been spending more time with Zainab these days, taking her through rap lessons and trying to bond with her generally.
Hence a lot of viewers have labeled him a player. They believe he is trying to dump Goldie for the younger Zainab?


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