Friday, 8 June 2012


Ailing actor,Enebeli Elebuwa has denounced controversial pastor,Dr. Sign Fireman over reports that he was healed after a visit to his church penultimate week.
In a telephone chat from Primus Hospital,Abuja, where he has been receiving intensive medical care on the bill of Stella Damasus’s NGO,Elebuwa described the reports as false and alleged that he was set up by the Pastor.
According to the report, moved by the plight of the thespian, Dr. Fireman had invited Elebuwa’s family to relocate actor to his church. But describing the reports as a pack of lies,Elebuwa insisted the Pastor was not telling the truth.

Recounting his journey to the Pastor’s church, the actor said that a couple of months ago, the Pastor contacted his family pleading that he could heal him. And after much pressure from the Pastor, his family finally caved in.
Elebuwa disclosed that as soon as he got into the church, the Pastor ordered two men to hold him up on his feet so that it would be like he was actually standing. Then they move his leg one by one to create the impression that he was actually walking as the Pastor urged him on. Little did he know that he was being filmed and that the clip would end up on the internet.
His words:” They lifted my legs one by one while he urged me to take a step in Jesus name. Two men supported me and moved my legs. Somehow they avoided the camera and that’s the reason you can’t find them in the picture or the You Tube video.”
After the church drama,Elebuwa was shocked to see the newspapers and the internet littered with the pictures of his “miraculous healing”. He says: “ I was shocked to see the reports in the papers and on the internet that I had been healed by a Pastor.
That’s not true. He is lying.                                                                       
There was no change in my health. There was no healing.
I have no word for him”


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