Sunday, 10 June 2012


Not everybody in the Yoruba sector of movie industry is aware that top actress and movie producer Fathia Balogun does not allow actress cum producer Funke Adesiyan to cross her path.
One will wonder why this incident will arise in the first place, as Fathia and Funke are not babes of the same caliber, and they are not even considered to be birds of the same feather.
We will gladly inform you that Fathia and Funke Do not see eye to eye over matters of the heart.
It could be recalled that in 2011, the Oyo State born actress was in sizzling romance with Saidi Balogun, a love affair that almost moved to the aisle before it crashed.

From the very moment she started her romance with Fathia’s estranged husband, it was informed that Funke entered into her bad book and till date,Fathia does not see anything good about her.
Although Funke has moved on from the relationship to other Lagos big boys, including popular Island big boy Saheed Salawe otherwise known as Sati Ramon who recently staged a birthday bash for her and spoilt her with a new jeep,Fathia’s is still at loggerheads with the actress.
According to sources who disclosed this information, it is not surprising that Fathia has this disposition towards her ex-husband’s estranged lover as both Saidi and his former wife have a silent way of fighting any of their colleagues who chose to have love affair with either party.
Fathia is said to have beefed lots of actresses who at one point or the other came too close to Saidi.
Meanwhile, sources informed that Funke’s case seemed to be different as she not only broadcasted her love affair with Saidi, but also made moves to replace her (Fathia).
As gathered, the beef between Fathia and Funke has gotten to the level where the Ibadan base actress no longer get movie roles from other actresses turned producers, and insiders are alleging that Fathia prevents producers in her caucus from giving her roles.
It was equally alleged that as the head of biggest caucus Yoruba sector of where lots of actresses turned producers belong, Fathia has the power to determine who will and will not star in a movie.
As a result of her influence,Funke is almost swept to the background in movie industry and can only feature in a movie, if she is producing her own film.


  1. why faithia, why saheed, why funke. Love should prevail and God is the ending!!!

  2. Truely, the trio of them should try settle their differences and move on. Saheed, Fathia and Funke Adesiyan should concentrate more on there profession and be a good ambassador of the Nollywood that they have always been.


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