Friday, 27 July 2012


It seems disgraced Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Isabella Ayuk will not find peace for now as different tales are told of her by the day, some true and some very fantastic to be believed.
Shortly after she was stopped from representing Nigeria at the Miss World Beauty pageant owing to discrepancies over her real age with those who know her swearing that she is in her 30s as against her claims of being 26 years old, another secret of hers seems to have been unearthed, if our usually reliable source is to be believed.

The source who swore with everything, informed us that the pretty Isabella is actually a mother of a 7 years old child whom she got when she was in her second year in the University of Calabar.
The source also hinted that the child whose birth she has guarded jealously is currently living with her family.
We gathered that she was actually put in the family way by a boyfriend in school which made her take two years off school to nurture the child. Aside the child, our source also hinted that contrary to the age she is claiming, she is far older than what she would love people to believe.
The source who is a graduate of Unical,said she began participating in the Miss Unical beauty pageant in 2001 when she was a freshman in the school and with her graduating in 2012,she had spent 10 years for a  4 years course.
Source: High Society          


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