Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Delectable movie star Ayo Adesanya is a household name in the Yoruba movie industry. The beautiful actress and her ex-husband Goriola Hassan were hot in the news in 2009 when their marriage hit the rocks.
The actress, who hit the limelight with her role in the blockbuster movie “ Iru Oka” in the 1990s,tells whoever cares to listen that she is set to alter the (NO FEAR) tattoo she has on her arm.
It would be recall that while the going was good between Ayo and her erstwhile husband, Goriola Hassan they both have the “NO FEAR” cross tattooed on their arms.

But as the union has collapsed with both parties going their separate ways, the tattoo seems to be an unwanted ornament now.
The tattoo is a permanent one so cannot be erased, but we hear the actress is making moves to alter it.
In a recent interview, the talented actress revealed plans to alter the (NO FEAR) tattoo she has on her arm.
She said;” I already started undergoing series of surgeries abroad to clear the tattoos off my body.
I am just tired of having tattoos on me. I have mellowed now on all that. I am now more religious and my inclinations kick against such.”
When asked; do you think you and your ex-husband Goriola Hassan can reconcile? She said; Capital NO. I don’t ever see Goriola and I reconciling, we are not just compatible. His ways are not my ways. And I don’t think anyone in a relationship that is not bringing happiness should stay.
We can never reconcile.”             

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