Wednesday, 1 August 2012


It could be recalled that it was reported 2years back that onetime Nollywood’s close friends, Halima Abubakar and Tonto Dikeh, who were very close that they shared the same car and apartment have actually fallen apart.

According to the information gathered then, Ms. Abubakar and Tonto allowed a wealthy dude come in between them, although they tried to manage the situation and avoided an open confrontation, their relationship grew weaker and they fell apart.
It was equally gathered that lots of gift items were returned, as the dark skin actress moved out of Tonto’s apartment.
Insider sources informed that for many months, Halima and Tonto avoided each other’s path, including being cast together in movies and attending the same events. While the gist made the rounds, the Kogi State born actress Halima Abubakar was very fast to grant interviews and deny having ever had misunderstanding with her close friend, Tonto Dikeh.
According to her, Tonto was still her very close friend and nothing will ever come between them.
However, we can now inform you in this page that after many years of mendacious strategy of covering the truth, Ms. Abubakar has gradually kicked-off the journey of revealing the truth of what happened between her and Ms. Dikeh.
After many months of waiting for the light skin actress to amend their former sizzling relationship without any success; Ms. Abubakar recently accepted the fact that she really went separate ways with the light skin sultry actress.
“ After awhile, some people just grow apart in life”, she says concerning her relationship with Tonto Dikeh in a recent interview.
“That was the only problem we had, there was never any verbal exchange between us. Don’t forget that between us, there were too many friends.
Now, I don’t have time for friendship, which is the truth because I have grown wiser now”.     


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