Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Not many are aware the cozy relationship between top Nollywood actress Oge Okoye and estranged wife of award winning movie director and producer, Tchidi Chikere.
Their close affiliation dates back to 4 years back, when the now single mother of three boys was still under the umbrella of her husband and obeying the order not to appear in movies.

The romance kicked-off with Oge Okoye visiting their Maryland home and picking her to attend few events as a way to make her leave the house from time to time and before people could blink their eye, events started taking the two Nollywood babes out of Lagos to other states in the country.
Gradually, they became so close that it was on different occasions rumored that their relationship might go beyond what is pleasant, but such speculations did not separate them, rather their friendship continued to grow stronger. As if that was not enough, it was equally alleged that Oge Okoye is responsible for linking the pretty babe to wealthy boys in town, an act that supposedly contributed to her broken home.
 Instead of being deterred from such rumors, the result was the other way round as Oge Okoye and Sophia Chikere’s association with each other went deeper.
However, insider sources disclosed that these actresses share a lot of things in common, and these factors are playing important roles to keep them together.
As gathered, Sophia’s marriage to Tchidi started shaking many years back when he was alleged to be romancing top actress Tonto Dikeh, at the very period when Oge Okoye’s marriage was facing difficulties. But many say the two married women who were about losing their spouses, might have found solace in each other and developed reasons to move on in life.
In the many months when Tchidi was nowhere to be found around his house, Oge we gathered stood by Sophia and attended functions with her.


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