Sunday, 5 August 2012


For those who follow the affairs of showbiz industry closely, it common knowledge that actress Sophia Chikere, the estranged wife of top movie director and producer, Tchidi Chikere went into hiding after their crashed marriage months back.

The light skin mother of three kids who cried for many days when her gorgeous husband blew the story of their separation on the internet, decided to stay away from public eye.
The onetime party fixer went back to her shell and avoided any public function that will bring her closer to wagging tongues. At the time when it seems the storm has calm down, former Mrs . Chikere has hit the public eye again.
However, there are very remarkable changes about this babe now, that might make someone wonder if she was being caged before. Pretty Sophia stepped out at Tessy Onokala’s Needlecraft fashion show held on Sunday, July 15, 2012, she appeared very sexy and steaming hot in her mi^N skirt with a lose and revealing top that showed all her cleavages.
No doubt, she has not only moved on with her life, but also upgraded her game. Aside emerging to be so relaxed and comfortable, she had a new Honda Element Jeep to show for her new life style.
Meanwhile, people who are very close to Tchidi and Sophia argued that the Honda Element was the best car of Tchidi, and he must have left it for Sophia as one of his CSA to his children.
According to them, Sophia who has three kids under her care might not have acquired a new jeep in such a little time.


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