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Unarguably sultry actress and singer Anita Joseph has on numerous times been rated as one of top controversial actresses in Nigerian film industry,Nollywood.
This is because Nita J as she is fondly called by close pals appreciates the curvy figure that God endowed her with, which has propelled her many relationships with men.
A few of the divisive issues widely known about the sexy showbiz personality are her love affairs with top Nigerian singers, especially those based at Festac Town area of Lagos,top politicians, profound men of God and businessmen.

Meanwhile, there are yet numerous other secrets that people who tag Anita Joseph ‘controversial’ have not come to known about the pretty babe.
It is not a thing of general knowledge that the Anambra State born actress has tasted the waters of marriage earlier before coming into the entertainment industry.
Going by the information gathered from insider sources, Anita Joseph was married traditionally to an average income earning businessman who was based in Aba,Abia State.The marriage that could not produce any fruit of the womb we gathered could not continue working after 3years,as the now popular showbiz celebrity took a walk and moved on with her passion for entertainment. It was informed that earlier before the marriage, she has always had passion for entertainment business but could not get her dreams fulfilled then, as both parents were already late.Hence, she stumbled into the marriage that attracted a little traditional ceremony, but could not find happiness thereafter.
According to the source, the entertainment loving wife of a businessman wanted to rekindle her passion for the business after the marriage, but was hindered by her estranged husband. When she could not endure the situation after 3 years, she moved on with her life while her ex-husband allegedly married another woman and continued with his life too.
Being free at last leveraged Anita Joseph another opportunity to try her hand in the entertainment industry. As gathered, she kicked-off her career as a dancer in one of the numerous clubs and hotels then located at Port Harcourt Road area of the Enyimba city.
She was said to have shuttled between Ogbor Hill and Port Harcourt Road, and danced in clubs for many months, before finding her way to Lagos State.
In Lagos,the highly booty endowed babe deviated from dancing, and music which were her first call and delved into acting. She sojourned with Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) , where she almost got her first movie role from a onetime AMAA Best Director who allegedly could not get his eyes off the babe’s curvy shape, but dumped her eventually for professional actresses who will give his roles excellent interpretation.
After many years of not becoming popular in acting, beautiful Anita spread her tentacles, returned to her first love and dropped few singles.
However, the story is not about the history of Anita Joseph in entertainment industry, but her very intimate secrets. It could be recalled that in the past months, it has been speculated in different quarters that this sexy babe has a 2years old son, called Michael. Although Anita Joseph has manage to hide this truth from the public, no matter how they have tried to investigate the subject, we will without charge on this page confirm the story to be true.
Actress Anita Joseph was put in a family way in late 2009 by a man who she refused to disclose till date, although she was always found in the company of Showboy Onyemaenu, a dreadlock up and coming singer who she held so dear within this period. Eventually, in early 2010, the actress disappeared from the scene and led many to question her whereabouts.
We will equally disclosed that within this time, Anita abandoned her acting career in Nigeria and travelled to South Africa to deliver her handsome and promising son, Michael in the house of his elder brother based in Johannesburg. We will reliably inform you that at the time in 2011 when this babe was feeding people with information about a movie she was shooting in South Africa entitled, Diary of A Sub-Sahara Woman, she actually went to deliver her baby away from scandals.
In one of her interviews then, Anita had stated: “ I was called from South Africa on September last year, and someone who introduced himself as a South African movie producer asked me if I can work on his set. He said that he has seen a lot of my stories on the net and he likes to work with me.
So, I didn’t let the opportunity to pass. I picked it. Right now, I am shooting a movie called Diary of A Sub-Sahara Woman. It is just a working title, they can still change it. The shooting here is quite advanced both in technology, management, and otherwise.
The rules are very strict here. For instance, if the call time is 6am, you must be there an hour before the time. This is because you will have 30 minutes for Yoga instructor on set to calm the actors down, before they will start taking their lines, but we don’t have such things here. Then, you will have another 30 minutes to do your makeup.
Sincerely, if the makeup artistes here work on you, you will not recognize yourself again. Also, there is the Law, where you must sign some legal documents, in terms of the conditions of the job. There is no place like home and you know that I have not really made my mark in Nollywood, so I must return soon.
I wish that I am doing this kind of job in Nigeria, but I am very much in the movie industry. I just saw an opportunity and grabbed it. I came here to enhance myself and I have learnt a lot.
I have a lot of movies that just came out in Nigeria, and of course I am ready to dive back when I come back in few weeks”.
Little did the interviewer who was concerned about her absence in the Nigerian entertainment industry know that Anita Joseph was only garnering experience from labour room, instead of South African film industry.
In middle of 2011, the actress returned and to the astonishment of people who are very close to her, she got bigger, became plump and almost lost her curvy shape.
Before people could blink an eye, the rumours of her pregnancy and delivery at a South African hospital filtered the air. Meanwhile, the truth came to the fore front months back when people close to the actress disclosed how she got pregnant, travelled to South Africa and had her bundle of joy Michael.
Although she has hidden the truth from many, she allegedly revealed to our source, “I have a son and it’s nobody’s business. I don’t want to talk about it till when the proper time comes. His name is Michael, and he is very promising and handsome. I am very happy no matter what.”
Asked if the child is with her, she stated; “Of course he is my son and I am with him, he is going to school now, and I am very happy to have him.
Please I don’t want to talk about him now, till when the time comes.” What about the father, who is he? “I don’t want to talk about him also, no I don’t want to talk about him,” she said.
Are you people going to get married, I mean are you people together? “Yes, we are together somehow. We are still somehow together,” she stated. So you don’t want to disclose the boy father’s identity? “Please leave me alone, gossiper,” she scolded.
Source: High Society


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