Thursday, 2 August 2012


Celebrities all over the world have so many advantages, enjoy so many privileges their fame brings them, get noticed quickly, welcomed and treated in a special way any where they go and most times, their names open doors for them but unfortunately, aside not having their privacy, they also go through some bashing, lashing and criticism from their fans and foes especially through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Some celebrities handle the tweets in a hilarious and mature way, some smartly reply and insult back while others who couldn’t manage the insulting tweet get so angry and throw caution in the air.
Yesterday, a Twitter fan of Halima Abubakar had a field day tweeting at the beautiful actress.
It all started when one of  the talented thespian twitter followers got angry with her after she was begged for a follow back. When the award winning actress declined, the fan tweeted at her, "why forming for me nah? Follow me back, you don't want to. Don't you know that I am your sister?

"Who you be self? You fine reach Tonto, or my queen, Mercy Johnson? You this shortie, you expired maggot."...... Continue to see the actress reply and subsequent tweets from both of them..

And actress fired back, "I am nothing, but you followed me. Go f*ck yourself."

The fan responded, "I followed you because I want to be seeing your mess up. You this godiga (gold digger), smelling 'ascrimate'. Go f*ck yourself, you this public toilet."

Halima continued, "and hey expired? You mean your pus*y? Bit*h, I am not 30 yet. So, hey, hop on a d*ck and do a full split."

One of her fans told her that she should have remained silent on the issue. She later tweeted, "I have been bullied all my life! I am done."

Another fan of hers, "Sweetie, it is very unhealthy for a status chic of your type to lose her cool publicly"

This is not the first time a Nigerian celebrity would be engaging in a twitter fight. Ruggedman,
Omotola Jalade Ekehinde, Goldie, Tiwa Savage and others have one time become victims..


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