Thursday, 27 September 2012


According to Sunday Express: A bride who is a 25-year-old final year student of Industrial Relation at the University of Cotonou, Benin Republic was involved in a ghastly motor accident shortly after she left home in a convoy of exotic cars for her church wedding somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos.

 The fatal accident that claimed the life of the bride happened on one of the major roads in Ikeja, in front of Tunde Motors. “We were all shocked and terrified when we noticed a white Murano SUV decorated with an ‘About To Wed’ somersaulting that fateful Saturday morning. We didn’t know what actually caused the accident. But those who immediately rushed to the scene to rescue the survivors were shocked to find the bride dead. She died immediately the accident happened on the spot.” Infact, we were told that among the occupants of the car, she was the only one who died.

 They had to remove her wedding gown in order to be able to retrieve her body from the mangled car that was a complete wreck”.

A close family member said, it was like a dream to the groom who was waiting anxiously for her arrival in order for them to begin the solemnization of their marriage in the church under the watchful eyes their family members, friends and well wishers only to be told that the love of his life had been hijacked by the icy hands of death.

 The man thought he was dreaming until he rushed to the hospital where he was shown the battered corpse of his darling bride by the doctor and broke down in tears uncontrollably.


  1. I can't hardly imagine this. I felt so sad reading this article. It's a woman's dream to be wed to the man of her dream, and then a tragic accident will happen. I felt sorry to the groom who are waiting anxiously to his bride. I even broke in tears reading this. I think its better to get a car accident injury and survived on it than to get a fatal and terrible ending. My condolences and sincere prayers to the family of the bride.

  2. I can't imagine what this family is going through right now. Hope they can get through this.

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