Wednesday, 5 September 2012


It's the story of another one bites the dust on a grand scale. The doctor here is a medical doctor who has not practiced for several years now, but owns one of the top-rated clinics in town, located on a popular road on the mainland. He had over the years garnered the reputation of being a noted Lothario. There is nothing really that spectacular about him, other than he is said to know how to take care of the ladies, we hear he is a romantic to the core who knows how to talk and gives fantastic gifts.
 He was said to have been very liquid before, but not like it used to be again.
Our Queen here is an Ex-beauty Queen, now a Chief, who before getting married to the Doctor a few years ago had dated several prominent personalities in the society. 3 of those that readily comes to mind were-A former 2nd most powerful man in the country at a point, a former action Governor of a state and a very rich Caucasian, who was the friend of a Nigerian Billionaire, whose late dad was a well-respected philanthropist. She once gushed in an interview about how she prepares Amala for her much older husband (the doctor) by herself.
The Prince here is the heir-apparent to one of the most respected Royal fathers from the South-West. Not only is the dad a prominent king, he his as rich as they come and highly influential. The dad is believed to be a direct descendant of the progenitor of a particular well-respected race. The bespectacled gentleman was married at a point, but the marriage apparently didn't work out. 

So what links or connect the trio? The Doctor several years ago left his wonderful wife and mother of his kids for the Ex-Queen, whom he later married after a very bitter separation from his wife. The divorce and subsequent marriage to the queen raised a lot of eyebrows, but the duo didn't give a damn. They went about showcasing their love for each at many outings. It was like a special episode of a drama that could have being tagged ''LOVE WA TIN TIN''. If all we hear  now is to be believed, the center of that love seems to broken, we hear the former lovebirds are now separated and what was once sweet has gone sour and it's looking like it is final. Why? You all might be asking.We don't know for certain.

The queen quite recently in August, in far away Marbella, Spain at the occasion to celebrate the birthday of the gorgeous wife of one of Nigeria's richest men, threw caution to the winds as she and her new beau were very open about their affections for each other. People were gobsmacked at this open show of love. The 2 didn't seem to give a care in the world. Apparently it seems like it was the perfect occasion, to show to all that were around that they were now an item.  Would this lead to something much more serious? We are waiting in the wings to see how the events unfold.
The lady seems to have moved on, while we believe the Doctor's ego would have being dealt a massive blow. 

Source: Maestromedia

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