Thursday, 20 September 2012


It has been severally rumored in recent times, the gist about marriage plans between Paul Okoye of P-Square and his longtime girlfriend, Anita.

 Different reports concerning their love and impending marriage have been in the public domain, while he himself kept mum about the rumor, but we can tell you authoritatively that Paul and Anita are planning to get married very soon.

 We learnt from one of the close friends of Anita that plans are on-going towards the marriage and that is what she is focusing on right now.

 Findings revealed that Anita works in an Oil company. Sources close to the lady informed that Paul is known by almost all her family members. Further findings revealed that Anita’s parents like her choice of husband.

 We learnt that Paul is always spoiling Anita silly, he takes her on shopping trips and gives her a lot of attention.

 Although, Paul has got very good looks and sexy physique that women crave for, the dashing guy has over the years not been linked to any lady apart from Anita.

 He has successfully shielded his love life from prying eyes, and made no news ever about his romance with any lady until months back when he opens up about Anita and talks passionately about her.

 In the said interview, Paul said “I started dating her when I was nobody and today, she has become part of me. She is my best friend and I am not seeing her as my girlfriend because she is more than that. If it were somebody I met when my career is blooming, I am sure we would have been having problems. But she is somebody who doesn’t bother about who I am.

She has this believe of do your own thing and let me do mine. She is a nice person even though every woman has her fault. She is in fact the best thing and the worst thing. When I say best, she is the best thing that makes me happy but she is also the only thing that makes me sad. Whenever she does something that hurts, it will hurt me the more. If we both have a quarrel, the pain is worse. Na she dey sweet pass and at the same time,na she dey pain pass.” He said

 Further digs revealed that Paul pampers and flaunts her around these days.

 He is obviously so enveloped by this romance that he now has little or no time for social outings hence his unusual absence from most A-class showbiz events.
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