Sunday, 16 September 2012


Have you wondered how Calabar women usually manage to hold on to their husbands for years or why it’s common knowledge that they make good wives? The secret lies in their domestic prowess.

Calabar ladies are well known to be good cooks and are also reputed for their intriguing sex drive, especially when they are married. A Calabar lady is a good home keeper; she is good on bed too.

There is this popular belief that a typical married Efik ( Calabar) woman would readily welcome her husband home anytime the man goes out, in such a way and manner that the guy would always long to go back home, anytime he is outside.

 Indeed, it is believed that when the guy comes back home in the evening after a hard day’s job, an Efik lady would ask him if he would want to eat first or take his bath. Whether he goes for food or opt to take his bath, the woman would lay the table for him, put his food, and if it is bath, she would fetch water for him, and once the man is helping himself to either the delicious food or body-cooling bath, the woman goes into the room, preparing herself for a serious love-making session with the man.

 This is more of a tradition that a married woman must do.

We gathered that their huge appetite for sex has to do with the belief in that part of the country that the way to a man’s heart is through sex; hence they see it as the first thing to use in keeping their homes intact and prevent their men from extra marital love affairs. Indeed, many Efik fathers would rather train their female children at the expense of their male children. This, we gathered, has been on for generations.

 The reason for this is because the female children usually leave the homes of their parents earlier than their male counterparts and help in fending for the family one way or the other, most times, deploying their time tested ways of “taking care “of men, while the male child would still be struggling to be a man and earn a living. Investigations confirmed that these days, not a few Efik men would prefer to marry ladies from Oron and other parts of Ibibio land rather than marry Efik babes like themselves, they would rather go to the neighbouring Akwa Ibom State to pick a wife, instead of their home state of Cross River. Because the Efik woman has a large appetite for sex, and at times a man may not be able to satisfy her when it comes to sex, hence she more often than not, has to look for sexual satisfaction outside her matrimonial home.

 We learnt that a good number of married Efik women with crashed marriages, the reason behind the break ups could be directly traced to the lack luster attitude of their husbands when it comes to the issue of sex, though some other personal and marital reasons can be adduced for it.


  1. I have heard a lot about these Efik Girls. I have never met one anyway. i prefer the women that I am going to settle down with have a very healthy sex appetite because I like sex a lot myself.

  2. I know the feeling...I'm dressed like Louis right now, at work, no gasket tho, and nothing published outside of anthologies, old horror film mags, etc. Working on it, of course, incl. e-book but not sure that would count if you're looking to get away from screens.
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  3. It is one of the things that keep men in a relationship. We have to admit that it's not all about sex but it is one way for men to keep constant sex.

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  4. I like sex very well


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