Wednesday, 12 September 2012


There is this new fad to get bigger among young ladies especially the ones that used to enjoy the slim, Agbani Darego stature.

These days babes no longer want to be slim but big or what you will call “in-between “ as it makes clothes fit more and also make them shapely. But other reasons have been given for this latest trend in fashion, those in the know claim that those using drugs these days to get big have complex problems especially with their natural stature which is the slim one and to command respect they use these drugs to add some flesh.
Another reason given is that some of these girls move around with older women and they do not want them to see them as small girls so they take these drugs to grow fat and match the size of their new friends. But unknown to these girls these drugs have side effects.
According to a pharmacist who doesn’t his name to be mentioned, these drugs have side effect among which is that of protruding tummy. He said the tummy will bulge, they will add weight in areas where there are soft tissues like the breast and buttocks too.
It is first evident at the cheeks as the cheeks will come out too.
While the user of the drug is enjoying the size, the pharmacist said the risk to the health is more than the expansion in size as the user of such drugs if care is not taken suffers from liver problems as he said their liver can rupture as an effect of the long use of the said drugs.
Not only that, they could also suffer from cardiac arrest as a result of long use of the drug. He went on to add that the drugs work as steroids that is being used by wrestlers and weight lifters and that long use or overdose of it at times lead to muscle bursts.
According to sources, some of these drugs come cheap that you only need to walk into any small pharmacy or chemist as they are known and get these drugs.
All you need to do is explain yourself and they really come cheap aside being readily available.
Some of these drugs we hear are labeled Feed Well or Feed Fine among others.
And the users will tell you they use it alongside Cod Liver Oil to achieve a great result. At the chemist, they will tell you it will make you eat well and the drugs really makes the user eat often and also heavily and they get hungry again within a short time and will need to refill their stomach too.
This trend is gradually catching up with top celebrities too and also Nollywood actresses.
Some other drugs that are used to “get big “include Dexacotin, Super Apeti, etc.
One other bad side of the “get big “drugs is that it affects the fertility of the user

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