Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Society lady and influential Nigerian riding on the waves of closeness to the first family- Hajia Bola Shagaya, is having a hard time protecting her power base at present
Sources confirmed the wealthy woman is battling accusation of complicity in the trip that earned first lady, Patience Jonathan admission in a German hospital.
The accusers claimed Shagaya initiated the idea of the foreign trip.
The idea behind the sojourn was reportedly for the first lady to 'undergo treatments to enhance her look'
Informants claim- Shagaya had cashed in on Patience Jonathan's yearning for 'a better look' to sell the plan.
The first lady reportedly bought the idea- and tagged those that opposed the move 'enemies of Shagaya seeking to paint her black'.
Shagaya widely tagged the 'unofficial style consultant' to the first lady is generally credited with 'the little sophistication the latter has garnered since she came to power'
A glimpse into the transformation Shagaya has effected on Patience is provided in this beautiful crafted piece in her honour 'INSIDE PATIENCE JONATHAN's FASHION CABINET'
However unlike past moves- the latest appeared to have landed her in trouble waters.
The first lady reportedly suffered an infection that necessitated comprehensive medical attention during preliminary tests to usher in the 'beauty treatment proper'
This was in Dubai- where the original development was that they would do a bit of 'shopping' and relaxation.
Inability of the 'health care personnel' on ground to manage the 'infection' put paid to their plot- and ultimately forced the First Lady into the German hospital she is currently recuperating at.
Official sources had put out reasons of food poisoning and even outright lie of a vacation by presidential spokesperson- Mr Reuben Abatti to cover up 'true story'.
However behind the scene of these attempted  public deceit- players in the corridors of powers are said to be daggers drawn, looking for a scape goat to sacrifice for 'the whole mess' a source divulged.
And they appear to be honing in on one -  Hajia Bola Shagaya.
Talks of her involvement in the ill fated beauty surgery that cost late first lady Stella Obasanjo her life has started making the rounds- along with coloration of other past misadventures.
How the billionaire business woman with a penchant for warming her way into the hearts of first families, intends to overcome this onslaught remains to be seen.

Source: Society now


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