Friday, 7 September 2012


We have advice for you Hot Chicks who might have been struck by Cupid’s arrow at work. No matter how hard we try to fight it, sometimes love and work can get tangled up as our sheets on a warm Sunday morning. They say not to sh*t where you eat, which is just gross, and not to mix business and pleasure, but the truth is that infusing your work life with a bit of office romance can be extremely exciting.

There’s nothing like showing up to work with butterflies in your tummy because you’re gonna see the guy who twitterpates you at morning meeting to get your blood flowing, and it’s that very exhilarating illicitness that makes business booty so electrifying.
When choosing to engage in a workplace romance, you have to be extremely careful not to let it mess with your head at work and sabotage success.
We have lots of advice about this in Live Like a Hot Chick, but today we are going to share a few of our top tips so you can make sure that the only pink slips in your life are the ones in your lingerie drawer.
WORKPLACE ROMANCE RULE #1 : Make Sure it’s worth it-What makes it worth it, you ask? Well, would you be willing to lose your job over it? Would being with this guy be worth standing in the unemployment line, going on endless job interviews, and eating Indomie Noodles for three meals a day?
If you consider the passion, chemistry, and possibly love between you and this guy you work with to be worth possibly losing your job and sanity for, then go for it.
Just listen to your instincts and make sure you won’t end up bashing your head into your office desk in regret over other things you did on that desk.
WORKPLACE ROMANCE RULE #2: Don’t Mix Alcohol With Colleagues- Well,duh, if you go out for martinis every Friday with the three hot guys from accounting, of course you’re going to eventually end up going home with at least one of them. Have some self control and self respect like the Hot Chick that you are, and don’t risk putting yourself in a situation where you’re going to end up doing something that you’ll only remember when you watch it the next day on You Tube while sitting one cubicle away from the boy you did it with.
WORKPLACE ROMANCE RULE #3 : No Married Men No Matter What-whether it’s someone you work with or not, sleeping with a married man sends a very clear message to the universe that you are too messed up, lame, and insecure to ever deserve a relationship of your own.
WORKPLACE ROMANCE RULE #4 : Get a Life- One great way to prevent yourself from becoming romantically involved with the people you work with is to create a fantastic social life outside of your workplace ! Life is about balance, ladies.
Sure, you may meet the man of your dreams on the job, but you can’t( and shouldn’t) count on that.Infact, you should make every effort not to. If you work eighty hours a week and only ever see daylight from your tiny office window, of course you’re going to end up hooking up with men you work with.
Start living your heyday to the fullest outside of work, and you’ll be more likely to find romance somewhere other than the place you should be looking for a promotion.
WORKPLACE ROMANCE RULE #5 : Don’t Give #$@ to Get Ahead- Don’t you dare for a moment think that being a Hot Chick means using your beauty boobs or booty to get to the top ! Sorry if this sounds harsh, but if you are having sex with someone in order to get a raise or a promotion, you are in fact having sex for money, which technically speaking… makes you a whore.
Plus, this tactic rarely even works. The CEO will not trust you to be in charge once he knows the details about your nipple ring, your stamp, or your grooming preferences.

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