Monday, 17 September 2012


Love is a path that leads to happiness is so narrow that two can walk on it except they become one.

 And in quest of solidifying the union to be one, there are some sacrifices that it takes in achieving that i.e tolerating one another, showing unconditional love and most importantly breaking barriers against all odds.

 I was chatting with a friend of mine recently on the extent people can go when they are in love, and he shared with me a story of a lady that attempts suicide just because is long time boyfriend dumped her and got married to another lady.

He furthers more by sharing with me his own personal ordeals.

 “ While I was seeking university admission many years ago, there was this girlfriend of mine, whenever I visited their house, and see her doing some house chores i.e like washing clothes, plates or tiding up their house, I do join her in doing some of those chores,” in fact he said not once not twice that he washed his girlfriend’s mother, father and siblings clothes all in the name of love.

 Many years down the lane, he was feeling sorry for himself and wondering what on earth made him do stuffs like that.

 In conclusion, this show the extent people can go when they are in love. Even though you are being corrected while doing such nasty things, one will never listen. infact one can pick offence with the person just because one is blinded in love.

 A colleague of mine once said he do wash his wife underwear, saying nothing is bad about it, rather you showing her how much you love and adore her. When I heard all this strange testimonies, I felt dazed and thinking could all this be true.

 So if you have any personal experiences or heard of any that is much more hilarious and intriguing than the one I made mentioned, don’t hesitate to comment and share with us.


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