Wednesday, 26 September 2012


In recent times, there has been a lot of marriages taking place, despite the alarming rate of marriages packing up. However, Research reveals that a lot of good ladies are finding it hard to hook a man and the so called “bad girls” are getting married and actually staying married.

 For the sake of this article, we are going to define the word “Bad Girls” as applicable to our culture.

 The “Bad Girls” are the love peddlers, that is they sell their body for money, and they are of 2 categories which are the corporate and the open market, love peddlers.

 The corporate ones in these categories include the working class girls; they have their jobs but still find a way of swindling ignorant men to make a living.

 The second category is the set of ladies that make it obvious to the world that this is what they do for a living.

 Also, drinking of excessive alcohol is not permissible in our culture, so ladies who practice this are referred to as bad girls.

 Keeping more than one boyfriend and sleeping with them also makes them bad girls.

 Taking hard drugs and Indian hemp also makes these girls bad.

 However, regardless of how wayward or reckless people think these girls are, they tend to hook the better men and it keeps everyone wondering how they do it.

 Certain factors that contribute to how these bad girls tend to hook the good guys are listed below:

 • PRETENCE: There is every iota of truth in an adage that says women are as cunning as a fox.

When you come across a desperate woman, she would stop at nothing to get what she wants, when a lady who has been so promiscuous or reckless decides to settle down, it only takes her making up her mind. When she realizes she has been well known for her notorious acts in a particular area all she would do is simply relocate and pretend to start life afresh in an area where she is not known at all, and an unknowing man who hooks up with her, marries her totally unaware of her past.

 She could live in this pretence for as long as she wants. Most men who live abroad usually fall victim to these breed of women.

 This is the reason most notorious girls who get married these days would tell you their men live abroad.

 • SECONDLY, it could be a case of sheer luck, some women are just generally lucky and regardless of how bad they have been, they tend to hook the good guys.

 Sometimes even when their spouses find out about their past, they just become so adamant and tell off everyone that tries to change their mind.

 Although, this situation is not very common, it still happens in our time.

 • THIRDLY, most bad girls tend to hook good guys because the guys tend to prefer them, they believe they have seen it all and have been there, so nothing can actually make them derail in marriage, unlike the na├»ve ones who still want to see the world even while they are married.

 The guys also believe that the bad girls would be sexually active and would know all the antics involved in sex, and they would tend to perform better in bed, without being told what to do.

 Also, there are situations where when a man is looking for a spouse who can make a perfect candidate, he tends to find all these qualities in the so-called bad girl, men usually find them interesting, straightforward, exciting and fun to be with, they believe the good girls can be a complete bore, and in the process of them hooking up with the bad girl, it tends to lead to marriage.

 In conclusion, the bad girls are the outgoing ones and they have the tendency of meeting the good guys, due to the fact that most of the good girls are introverts and the men wouldn’t come looking for them in the comfort of their homes, so, they settle for the ones who are readily available.

 However, survey carried out by us revealed that a lot of men would rather prefer to hook up with the bad girls, considering the fact stated herein.

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