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Realistically, the only way to completely avoid any type of sexually transmitted disease (STD) is by protecting oneself from open sex. Let’s not be stupid here. I love making love, we love making love, and the world loves making love. You’ve only got to look at the booming population to figure how much bed-banging goes on each night. We all love lovemaking. But STDs are still around, so wearing a condom is more important than ever.

 Research has however shown that the great way to avoid an STD is by wearing condom but many guys still abstain from using it during sexual intercourse because they are of the opinion that there’s nothing better than getting intimate without a condom, forgetting that pleasure has its price.

 It may interest you to know that majority of guys recently have become condom-haters. For one reason or the other they don’t believe in wearing the rubber thing around their penis.

 Some guys believe wearing condom during sex is not natural. They don’t feel the fun and excitement of love making when they use condom.

The guys with this belief see sex with condom as a foot massage while wearing slippers, body massage with a sweater on, watching a movie with the sound off or better described, to a woman as having sex with a guy with a real small manhood.

 So, to guys with this line of thought, why do you have to make love with a lady without deriving pleasure?

 Another reason guys don’t like to use condoms is because they found out that they are ultra sensitive to condom. They discovered that they lose their hard-on as soon as they try to put it on.

They often have difficulty maintaining their erection after they put the condom on. Hence, they don’t think twice about using it because they want to have sexual satisfaction.

 Also, some ladies encourage sex without condom. Many girls frown at it and for this reason, many guys have cultivated the habit of not using it.

 Many ladies love the nakedness which they see as ultimate intimacy. They are like, why would a guy use condom before sleeping with me if he truly loves me? The question on the lips of such ladies is, does he think I am a prostitute? They try as much as possible to persuade guys who they love into sleeping with them without condom because they erroneously believe condoms should be used only by people in casual relationships, people who have extra marital sexual relations or by people who have sex for money.

 Again, the rate at which many girls nowadays find it difficult to reach orgasm has also contributed to why many guys make love without condom. And the fact that the reduced sensation sex with condom gives, so much so that it’s use could take eternity to make a girl who naturally finds it difficult to reach climax, has made babes who fall into this category to frown at condoms.

 It’s a known fact that every guy wants to satisfy his partner sexually and the only way to achieve that is to make her “cum “severally during sex. So, the belief that condom reduces the pleasure one gets while having sex has made many guys to stop using it.

 Many guys have one way or the other noticed that their girls would climax in less than a minute and scream the house down when having sex without condoms and for this reason they stick to the idea of making love with babes without wearing condom.

 Some guys as a result of their heavy drinking habit have less sensation whenever they are having sex most especially when they are drunk. Such guys would not subscribe to the idea of using condoms as they know condoms will not give them the utmost satisfaction they crave for.

 Also, guys who drink and smoke heavily suffer erectile dysfunction and bearing in mind that condom can only be worn when there’s erection, men with this problem don’t fancy the act of using condoms. Therefore, the use of condom doesn’t occur to them as something healthy.

 Guys who believe that their girlfriends are faithful rarely use condoms. They are of the strong opinion that what’s the point of using a condom when they are the only partner. Funny enough, some guys don’t believe in the existence of HIV and that’s because they have not encountered an Aids patient, so to them, what’s the essence of using condom.

 Even if they have probably see or encountered someone who contacted other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the fact that there’s always the pill to control it gives them confidence to disregard condom.


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  2. It is still safe to use condoms to prevent STD’s.

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