Friday, 12 October 2012


Female R n B singer, Waje has finally opened up on her love child.

 The sexy crooner confirmed having a child out of wedlock and that the baby girl named Ogochukwu is her source of joy and inspiration right now.

 In recent weeks, news had been swirling around about the talented composer having a child she didn’t want her fans to know about.

 However, in a recent interview, the songstress finally opens up on her love child.

 “You see, I have never denied her and if I didn’t want people to know I would not have mentioned it on TV in the first place. She is my sanity, she gives me joy. She is one thing that keeps me going.She is my motivating factor that keeps me alive.

 Will it speak well of me if you heard that Waje is on drugs? I love my daughter so much and I have never denied her.So, I don’t have any record to set straight.

 The record is naturally straight.The thing is that I don’t enjoy bringing my family into my public affair. I prefer to be talked about than my family”. Help spread the word! If you find this information valuable and of assistance • Plz ‘ like ‘ this page so that you may benefit with further updates, news and information. • Plz ‘ like ‘ and ‘ share ‘ this article so that others may benefit. If you enjoyed this article, like our face book page and get more latest updates.


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