Monday, 8 October 2012


One of the hottest gists making rounds in the Nigerian movie industry popularly known as Nollywood, is the alleged romantic affair between actor cum movie maker, Kunle Afolayan and sexy actress Nse Ikpe Etim.

 According to the information gathered from insider sources, the two film makers are so close to each other that they are allegedly rubbing it on the faces of people without hiding anything.

 The romance tales kicked-off months back when the duo met outside the country. They were allegedly very close friends before Mr. Afolayan embark on his chart buster movie project “Phone Swap” and gradually what seemed to be ordinary friendship allegedly materialized into a love affair.

 It was alleged that their close affiliation landed Nse the lead role in the movie “Phone Swap” produced by Mr. Afolayan.

 According to close sources that divulged this gist to us on condition of anonymity, revealed that” The role played by Nse in ‘Phone Swap’ requires her to speak Igbo that she doesn’t understand because she is from Calabar but for the sake of the amorous affair between the duo; Mr. Afolayan gave Nse the chance to play the lead role and it took her about six months to actually learn Igbo language.

 So tell me, who dare take such a huge risk on a project that cost more than N60 million naira if they don’t have something in common?” the source squealed.

 In the course of our investigation, we stumbled on a recent interview where Mr. Afolayan was asked; we have many Igbo speaking actresses in Nollywood, what was so special about Nse in ‘Phone Swap’ that you gave her the lead role? And his response goes thus:

 “It was so special because when I first met Nse, I never thought that she was an actress because I have not seen any of her films. Apart from the fact that she is romantic, she is very bussly and jovial; I considered that. In my mind I decided to use her.

 I asked her the languages that she speaks, she said Calabar, a bit of Yoruba and I asked if she can speak Igbo, she said no but will be ready to learn. I was stuck with her image in mind, so I decided to help her learn all these things that will allow her interpret her role better” Mr. Afolayan reveals.

Further digs revealed that the 2 love birds, are happy together and their affair is now so open to their colleagues, including the Mr. Afolayan’s unsuspecting wife who allegedly believes the actress is just a good friend to her husband.

 Now, Miss Nse hardly talks to any other man, no matter what he has to offer or his status. She has been very protective of her married lover since their paths cross.

 According to those in the know, the bond between them is so strong that they can hardly stay apart from each other.

 What may have attracted Mr. Afolayan to the actress is obviously her dazzling looks and physique, though beyond all that, it was revealed that it’s her charm that got him love-struck the first day he set his eyes on her.

 Meanwhile, we tried to contact Ms. Nse through her telephone line to confirm the report but the line was unavailable.

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