Saturday, 13 October 2012


It is no longer rumor that Nigerian showbiz babes,especially Nollywood actresses engage in other forms of businesses to augment their acting fees which have been described as a token and irregular income.

 To uphold the elitist style of living they deem fit for people of their status as superstars and role models, actresses who are aspiring to hit it big have had to move into other commercially viable activities.

 It has become very rampant in recent time that over 60 percent of our so called popular faces engage in shady deals to make ends meet.

 We were told of a very controversial actress of the Yoruba stock who resides in the high brow Magodo Estate who pimps her fellow colleagues in the make belief world to top businessmen and Politicians.

 The lady in question parted ways with her husband several years back and has since then remained single taking care of the only child of the union which is a girl.

 According to the story peddled by gist merchants, it is now a norm for this lady to arrange her fellow colleagues in the industry for men who contact her and show interest in having illicit affairs with them.

 She sees some of her fellow colleagues, especially the upcoming ones as valuable assets capable of spinning money that must be tapped into.

 This has made her encourage her male friends to always make advances and take them on outings.

 One of such cases, we learnt, was when the beautiful and fair complexioned screen diva, pushed one of her close friends in the movie industry,who is also controversial figure because of of her excapades with men to a former lawmaker which later led to the current storm brewing in the matrimonial home of the controversial lawmaker over his illicit affair with the actress that resulted into pregnancy.

 According to findings, over the last 2 years, the sexy actress in question, has bought about 4 cars the latest being an ash colour Chrysler she now drives around.

 The Kogi born Nollywood star was once rumoured of dating the former Governor of her state, whom we learnt gave her some hectares of land for her multimillion naira film village in her home state, Kogi.

 Investigations have revealed that the sexy actress is not only guilty of pimping girls but that of deceit,infidelity,fetishism,greed and avarice.

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