Friday, 5 October 2012


Some days it may feel as though climbing a mountain would be easier than getting your boyfriend or husband to do things for you or give you things you ask for.

 Instead of yelling, whining, pouting or causing trouble, here are tips on how to get what you want from your man.

  • Ask yourself this first… do you really deserve what you are about to ask him for? Can he actually afford it or does he have the means of providing it? Is this the right or perfect time to ask? If the answer is yes, then you can read further.

 Don’t be an Oliver twist or a kind who asks every minute, hour and day. Don’t ask for things that are impossible or thing you know he can’t afford to give you. We know you need to get the Brazilian hair, the designer shoes and the type of gold chain your friend just bought but be reasonable and considerate.

 • Be extremely nice, this is the period you need to start doing those things you do before but stopped doing, the petting, the pet names, the teasing, polish his shoes, massage his back, run the bath and stuffs like that.

 Some men would even notice and ask what it’s all about while some wouldn’t. Just be the perfect being and give the best you can. Do things that make him laugh, happy and relaxed.

Wait! Don’t ask now, let him be in the right mood, not when he just got back from work and feels tired or when his head hurts badly.

 • Now. This is the time! Talk low and slow. In other words, ask nicely. It’s easier for your partner to hear you when he feels like you are talking to him, not at him. He’ll also be more inspired to do whatever you’re requesting.

 • Start off on a positive note. Forget “you never…” or “why can’t you…” They don’t work with men. Instead, preface your request with something you appreciate about him. He’ll be more receptive.

 • Show gratitude and let him know how much you will appreciate his kind gesture even before he says yes to your request. This way, he won’t be able to say No to your request.

 • Receive with gratitude. If you’re not willing to say “Thank you” and intensely enjoy whatever he’s just given to you, even if it’s a simple gesture like opening your door or pulling out chair, then he has wasted his efforts! Say thank you today and get more tomorrow.

 A great man doesn’t keep score and expect exact repayment for his good deeds, but he definitely needs and deserves to feel appreciated.

 Start practicing by noticing every nice thing that people do for you, whether it’s opening a door or getting you gifts. Show your gratitude, by looking them in the eye, smiling and telling them how much you really appreciate them.

 • Make sure that always remain kind, warm, genuine and respectful.

 Make them aware of your true self and your interests.

The women who are the most successful with getting what they want from their men are the ones who are always at their best behavior all the time.

 Don’t be the good wife or lover only when you need things. Be the kind he will wish to be giving things all the time, even before you ask.

 Remember there will always be a next time.

 Warning; this won’t work for all men, especially the extremely stingy ones!

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