Monday, 8 October 2012


Unarguably, sultry actress Bisi Obe has on numerous times been rated as one of the top controversial actresses in Nigerian film industry, Nollywood. This is because Bisi Omologbalogba as she is fondly called by close pal appreciates the curvy figure that God endowed her with, which has propelled her many relationships with men.

 A few of the divisive issues widely known about the sexy showbiz personality are her love affairs with top business men, especially those based outside the shore of Nigeria, top Politicians and Entertainers.

 Meanwhile, there are yet numerous other secrets that people who tag Bisi Obe ‘Controversial’ have not come to know about the pretty babe.

 It is probably stale news that Bisi is pregnant.

 That was reported weeks back, what is news now is the controversy dogging the ownership of the unborn child.

 As you are reading this page, the pregnancy carried by Bisi has gradually turned to an expensive item.

 It was reliably informed that months back when Ms. Bisi discovered that she has been put in a family way, she was confused as she did not know who to hook her pregnancy on, as she was dating more than one man at the same time.

 First, she allegedly bundled the joyful package to a very big Juju Musician, who rejected it and insisted that she must present a DNA test that will prove his paternity to the child.

 On second thought, she brought back the pregnancy to political arena and presented it to former federal lawmaker from Kogi State, Dino Melaye who denied the paternity; insisting that he will only accept the unborn child in one ground and that is if Ms. Bisi will be able to present DNA test that proves him as the father of her child when it is born.

 Findings revealed that Ms. Bisi and Dino Melaye paths cross when actress Lola Alao introduced Bisi to Mr. Dino.Before anyone could say Jack Robinson, the controversial lawmaker kicked off serious romantic relationship with Bisi.

 The affair we learnt lasted for a few months before the actress took up the nine months course.
 Presently, Mr Dino Melaye that Bisi claimed to be responsible for her pregnancy has denied being the father of the unborn baby.

 Dino took to social networking site, Twitter yesterday,Sunday,October 07, 2012 and dismissed the actress claim that he is the father of the child she is expecting.

 Dino tweets reads:

 “Na so I hot, wey dem don dey claim me? If it is to distract or discourage me, una better change strategy because Baba oni slow down rara oooo”

Dino tweeted. Few minutes later, he tweeted thus;

" Am not Dangote or Prince Charles oooo. If you claim me, you don enter one chance”.

 The controversial lawmaker later rounded up his tweets with:

 “I will not stoop low to respond to fallacy, African Magic movie lines, capricious manifestations of a day dreamer. No change of focus. Na yam?”

 We shall keep you posted as events unfold.
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