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If you look around in our society today, you will find so many successful and mature women who have passed “that age” but still remain single. Some have chosen to stay single while others successful mature women stay single not by their own choice but due to various factors.

 In this article, I will list some of the reasons why most successful and mature women remain single.

 • SHE NEEDS FREEDOM- Women who love to be single loves their freedom. They are so used to living the life at their own terms and adjustment. Since she doesn’t have any one to monitor her, she doesn’t have to run home so early to cook dinner and she doesn’t have to seek his permission before she takes any step, she is so free like a bird so she can fly as she pleases.

 • SHE’S WAITING FOR THE PERFECT GUY- She has met so many good men, she dated them but none is good for her. She can’t just imagine settling for less. She is even richer than all those “boys” who come to her. She has a long list, detailing about how her dream man should be and she believes in Mr. Perfect, not Mr. Right. She still believes in the “ tall, rich and handsome slogan she had in mind some 20 something years ago and she still sticks to that, she will not mind waiting for him.

 Since she is an achiever, she would never settle for less or let anyone deteriorate her living standard.

 Mr. Perfect is what she wants and nothing less. So she will rather stay single than to marry.

 Such women create a set of unrealistic and unattainable characteristics that their partners should have and often limit their dating prospects while they are in search of the perfect man to be their knight in shining armour.

 • PAST EXPERIENCES- She has been involved in some past relationships which failed, they broke her heart after she has dedicated all to the relationship or the men just won’t propose to her and at the end of the day, got married to someone else.

 The man she once dated may even be an abusive guy who gives her the beating of her life at every given opportunity so she prefers to remain single at least; she won’t have to face all those anymore.

 Suffering at the hands of an abuser or a cheating partner may have exposed her to the negative side of relationship.

 CAREER WOMAN- Some women feel that building an eminent business or career would need a lot of time and dedication especially in the initial years. That is the reason why so many women have decided to defer their wedding. They want to spend the required number of years to carve out a place for themselves financially before they take the plunge to marry someone with whom they would share their life with.

It’s possible to juggle a marriage and professional goals in tandem, but career focus is far easier without a husband in tow. The preference to stay single is often smart career strategy, as well as financially beneficial for some females.

 Women have proved to be as competent as men in many jobs, being single helps women focus more on their dreams.

 • SHE IS A WORKAHOLIC,SHE HAS NO TIME FOR DATING-To remain competitive in the job, many women have long hours, when a woman has to work overtime till late every day, the important thing she thinks of after work is to get home, eat dinner and go to bed. She goes to work very early and leaves for home very late at night, even during weekends; she does office stuffs at home so she hardly has the time to socialize or often attends social function where she will meet the male folks. So she just makes her job her first love.

 • MEN ARE AFRAID AND INTIMIDATED- Due to her big status and her worth, most men are afraid to get close to her. They feel intimidated by her status and class and won’t want to move near to her. She may own an expensive car or cars while he doesn’t even own a single bicycle. He wishes to get close to her but her status restricts him from getting close.

 • SNUBBISH ATTITUDE- Most successful ladies are fond of snubbing men anytime they are approached. She is so rude that she can’t just be polite to anyone except she sees him getting out of a big ride or knows which class he belongs to or the caliber of friends he keeps. She has the habit of selecting the people she talks to while doing that, she narrowly misses the “Best man” who would have loved her not for what she has but who she is.

 • SELF RELIANCE- Self confidence emerges while singlehandedly managing all aspects of life, especially for women who have all the money they want and some others who are used to being single. They are not used to emotional or physical spousal support and they have learnt to deal with problems alone and they enjoy doing that. She prefers to rely on herself than inviting a man into her life to do things for her.

 • RESPONSIBILITIES- She may have so many responsibilities that prevent her from engaging in any relationship. She may have sick parents to care for, siblings to send to the university, Relatives to cater for, etc; which makes her more likely to be subjected to stress, pressure, exhaustion or barely have time for herself.

 • IT’S DIFFICULT FOR HER TO FIND TRUE LOVE- She has tried to get hooked but the guys who come to her do that because of what she has. So it’s so difficult for her to find a man who truly loves her.

 • MEN WANT RESPECT AND THEY FEEL HER STATUS WON’T ALLOW HER RESPECT HIM- The single men prefer to get married to lady who is not so successful and independent; they feel she will not respect them the way she ought to, only the married men who just need the fling run after her. So she just settles for being single.

 Experts say that highly accomplished men tend to marry women who are lower in professional and educational status. For them, the simple lady is easier because the man’s role is cleaver, they make the decisions with full capacity and the single lady won’t question it.

 • SEXUAL FREEDOM- Some successful celebrity ladies prefer to stay single because of sexual freedom. She may enjoy the freedom to exercise her female sexuality in any manner she chooses. If she decides to get married, then she would be restricted to her partner alone no matter the pressure, they do not give a damn. They will prefer to remain single.

 • SINGLE PARENTING- A single mother may wish to remain unattached to devote her time to her children. She may feel an obligation to protect them from the possibility of confession or further trauma she may have experienced in the past. She may even feel she has got a kid, so why must her marry? After all, getting married is for making kids and she would not wish to get hooked to a man forever.

 • SUGAR DADDIES MADE HER WEALTHY- She may have got successful through rich older men or sugar daddies and she may feel she will stop being successful if she tries to settle down with a man so she prefers to remain single and enjoy life to the fullest. All she has to do is to get pregnant for one or two men out of wedlock and continue with her life.

 • NO DESIRE FOR MARRIAGE- One of the reasons women stay single is because they have no desire to get married. There are a lot of women who do not find any meaning in marriage, they do not believe in getting married at all so they prefer to stay single all their life.

 There are some individuals who have experienced sexual abuse, rape or traumatic childhood so they close themselves off from intimacy and marriage.
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