Wednesday, 10 October 2012


The gist coming from the homestead of star actress, Ini Edo, is not palatable at all.

Those who are peddling the rumor, claim that all is not well with the talented thespian’s marriage to America based businessman, Philip Ehiagwina.

 According to them, the marriage is going through a lot of crisis now and friends and well wishers have been intervening with their prayers.

 Just recently, rumour swirled round the industry that the sexy actress is on compulsory nine months course after three years of searching for the fruit of the womb endlessly.

 The latest gist now is that the Akwa Ibom State born actress, has lost her pregnancy due to stress.

 According to close sources, in the course of antenatal screening process, the doctors advised the controversial actress to avoid stress during the pregnancy period but Ini failed to heed the advice.

 She was alleged of moving from one location to another, attending movie premieres at will and parties; a nonchalant attitude her hubby kicked against.

 The straw that broke the camel's back was the stress she went through at the US launch of her fashion line which resulted to the loss of her pregnancy.

 Ini’s husband,Philip is said not to be taking the issue likely with her after all his several warnings .

Findings revealed that Philip is so furious about the whole thing that he refers to Ini as bad luck for allegedly losing his baby.

 Current investigation revealed that ever since this occurrence,Philip has ceased to have anything to do with her.

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