Thursday, 4 October 2012


Aside being one of the oldest professions on earth, prostitution is one that will thrive under any economic condition.

 For the past couple of weeks, we’ve taken time to visit brothels, motels and red light spots in Lagos.

 What is visible these days is the number of big working class guys who dress responsibly to patronize these babes of easy virtue.

 Most of them are married men who are responsible and are gainfully employed.

This trend has been on for ages but has become more pronounced now and people don’t really raise eyebrows when married men are sighted at Prostitutes Joints.

Further checks as to why some married men will leave their beautiful wives at home to sleep with prostitutes revealed that some married men are in their sexually active years while their wives, may have waned. These men seek some other means of expressing their sexual prowess outside the home.

 One of such places readily available to them are brothels where prostitutes reside and are available for men who need their services.

A prostitute who is a professional has a compulsory duty to satisfy her ‘customers’ and be paid handsomely for the good job. These ladies of easy virtue also go steps further by performing several daring sex styles with these men, some of who are adventurous.

 Ordinarily some men would never try the styles while having sex with their wives at home. This explains why several married men have made brothels, motels and red light spots their second home.

Another reason some married men visit prostitutes for sex is because of Adventure. Some men are very adventurous and would like to have a taste of every woman who comes their way. These men who also like to try oral sex would gladly pay prostitutes to express their weird sex lives than with their wives who they may never have had such with for the many years they have been married.

Closely related to this is the fact that several men who are committed to their marriages and family do not want to have any other serious relationship. What some men want immediately is sexual satisfaction whenever they are horny and patronizing prostitutes seem to be the last option they are left with.

 Prostitutes, on the other hand, are in the business of satisfying their customers. For a stipulated fee, they will do almost anything a man desires; and will do so uninhibitedly.

 Many married men are also aware of the many demands of babes that are not prostitutes. This is coming on the heels of modern use of hi-tech phones, laptops, and quest to living large with big pocket money. Hence several men go for prostitutes who are paid strictly for services rendered.

These days a lot of couples are patching up at home. Several men who see their matrimonial homes as ‘war fronts’ or ‘war zones’ escape from home at the slightest opportunity to anywhere where they can drink, chat with friends and take domestic issues off their minds.

 In some extreme cases, some men are properly cared for by prostitutes and a relationship may likely kick off.

 Other reasons why literally millions of married men regularly patronize prostitutes include the following:

 Many males, even though they derive satisfaction from sex relations with their wives, feel they need variety (tribal or age differences). Others simply want a different individual from the one with whom they had a rollicking time a day ago or a week ago.

The quickest and easiest way for many of these males to find a different partner is to patronize a prostitute.

 In many instances, husbands who do not normally need sexually variety find they have no wish to remain abstinent when they are separated from their wives, when their wives are ill, or when they desire intercourse more frequently than the wives do.

 Again, resorting to prostitutes may be easier in these instances than engaging in extra marital affairs.

Some men who crave variety feel that patronizing prostitutes is safer, less involving, and more loyal than having strings attached affairs; and in some extreme instances some wives agree with this viewpoint and tactically tolerate their seeing a prostitute far better than they would a serious relationship.

 They most times plead with their hubbies to have protective sex by using condoms instead.

 A surprisingly large number of men fail miserably in their marital relationships, largely because of their ignorance as regards to how to satisfy their wives sexually. Out of shame, they avoid having marital relations and resort to prostitutes with whom, because they pay, they are not ashamed to be their lovers.

 Occasionally, a man’s wife refuses to use proper birth control technique; and, rather than have intercourse with her and risk having unwanted children, he patronizes prostitutes.

 Some men’s wives are so stingy of affection, and demand so much in return for having steady sex relations, that the male finds it actually cheaper and less emotionally blackmailing to visit prostitutes.

Many husbands, for a number of neurotic reasons, occasionally or steadily visit prostitutes. Some thus vent their hostility against their wives. Others masochistically want to degrade themselves. Others find it impossible to be fully potent with a ‘good ‘ woman.

 Still others seek the danger of an illicit encounter. For a host of fearful, hostile, or guilt-laden reasons, or to erect defenses against their underlying irrational anxieties, such individuals find temporary “Solutions” to their problems by bedding with a prostitute.

 In general, then, a married man will resort to prostitutional affairs either for relatively sane reasons such as the sexual inaccessibility of his wife or for irrational ones such as his unwillingness to face the real reasons for his being sexually unsatisfied in marriage.

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