Wednesday, 28 November 2012


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Believe it or not, an unimagined habit among Nigerian celebrities seems to be the most popular trend now.
This is the use of cough syrup to get high and tipsy instead of alcoholic drinks.
The codeine family is most preferred, the likes of Benelyn, Pakalyn, Totolyn Emzolyn etc.

This trend is very common and rampant among the super rich kids, big boys and girls, students, married women and especially the Nollywood actors and actresses.
We have it on good authority that a lot of them take the cough syrup before going to set or events.
 The abuse of these drugs is so rampant that local chemist shops sell up to 4 to 5 cartons every day but big pharmacies sell only to customers with doctors’ prescriptions.
It has become more expensive; before now, it goes for N150 to N250 but because of the high demand it now goes for N450, N700 and N800, and the refrigerated ones cost more.
Most refuse collectors who service the homes of some super rich confirm that the containers of these cough syrups constitute more of the refuse and most big boys and girls who go to hangouts and joints with their breverages like juice, coke, La casera have a mixture of the codeine family in them so as not to be seen with the containers.
Most of those who genuinely use them to treat cough infections prefer to use the common ones to avoid the stigma attached to them.
Those who abuse these drugs say they are easy to get anywhere and the highness comes without the smell of alcohol, and the result is confirmed as very outstanding, amazing and gives them guts to face any situation.
We spoke to a chemist owner who confirmed that he has enough stock so as not to run out of stock for this coming festive period and that it has given other cough syrups a run and has suddenly become a rave of the moment.
It is selling any day, any time, judging by the rush’.      

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