Thursday, 22 November 2012


The marriage of MTN Project Fame Host cum actor, Joseph Benjamin might have hit the rocks going by the latest news coming from the home front of both the actor and his wife of many years.
In the past there had been some unpalatable gists which had pointed to the fact that all has not been well lately between the couple.

However, another interesting twist was introduced to the unfolding situation.
On Tuesday, 20th November, 2012, in an interview on Reel Radio, Joseph Benjamin officially confirmed that his marriage had packed up due to irreconcilable differences.
According to the talented thespian, he said “About my marriage, it has been going through crisis which I prefer not to talk about that is why I have kept it away from the public to wave off controversies. I am no longer in my marriage; we are separated. I have two wonderful children – a ten year old daughter and a seven year old son. They are an integral part of my life; their mum and I have a very good arrangement on how to balance their lives to make sure that psychologically they are stable and unaffected by our separation.” He squealed.
Before the news broke that the marriage of this MTN ambassador had packed up, nobody would have imagined that Joseph Benjamin and his heartthrob of many years will part ways because of the bond they shared.
One thing led to the other and one of the couple moved out.
As to what crashed the marriage? Only God knows, as allegations and counter-allegations have been flying around.
So bad did the marriage get that some of their friends pointed to the high profile lifestyle of Joseph as being a cause.
In the past, Joseph’s wife has been hailed for staying with the actor through his grass to grace story while Joseph Benjamin is also praised for not leaving her when he achieved fame.
But the current situation has reached such level that Mr. Benjamin has moved out of his matrimonial home and discreetly secured another apartment.
Their 2 children currently reside with the wife.
Sources disclosed that Joseph abandoned his home because he feels his wife is older than him and does not befit him.
The woman, by the way, besides being older than him, is not particularly good looking.
This we learnt prompted the award winning actor to sidelined and relegate her to the background now that he is rich and famous after she had hustled with him for years in abject poverty.
We gathered that in spite of being regularly invited to some of the biggest events in Nigeria, not even for once has Joseph attended any with his wife, an action she no longer finds funny.
Close sources reportedly stated that the woman had no choice than to let the handsome role interpreter go to avoid the continuous intimidation and humiliation meted out to her by her him.
Further findings revealed that the dark skinned actor however, has moved on with his life and presently savouring a juicy romance with another lady who we learnt is beautiful and classy.

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  1. God will purnish this benjamin of a man,she is old and ugly now ryt While u whr eating off her she was monalisa,idoit of ur type.


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