Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Can it be insecurity? Why should women even sleep with women; let alone the older ones trapping the young with cash gifts and luxury items?
Lesbianism frowned at in this part of the world is a sexual act between females.

Slowly in Nigeria, these act amongst young ladies’ becoming to have deep roots.
The act which many believe is alien to the Africa culture is becoming so acceptable to those involved in it that they even flaunt their Lesbian partners publicly.
Today, this act has taken a new dimension as you now see very influential women comfortably practicing lesbianism as a lifestyle, not minding the consequences if found out.
One inevitable fact is that, Lesbianism is now a business venture and married celebrities are not left out of this business and some of them who are into it before find it hard to let go even after settling down with a man.
In addition, these older lesbian celebrities are making use of their wealth and affluence to lure and then make love with young ladies and after which some of these girls are pimped to politicians and their wives of whom a considerable number are in league.
It is also known that a lot of young girls prefer this act because they believe the older women pay more than the older men, with claims that they are more caring and undemanding and would go to any length to spoil them silly while they become objects of envy amongst their unsuspecting friends.
Also young starlets are embracing the lifestyle as a means of attaining stardom, because nothing comes free, everything has a price tag, for example in the corporate world, especially amongst the young bankers who are usually marketers.
These bankers no longer sleep with the older men to convince them to open bank accounts with huge sum of money at their bank branches, rather when they approach these older women who are deeply into the act, they agree to become their partners and they lodge heavy sums of money into these bank branches, which in most cases, automatically helps to hasten the banker’s promotion.
These lesbian celebrities have a lot of money to spend and they sponsor their younger lovers’ trip abroad.
There are also speculations that the ignorant starlets are been used for money-making rituals by their older lovers and some say it is for sexual satisfaction since their male partners no longer satisfy them.
Whenever a young girl is asked why she is involved in lesbianism, she would be so quick to reply that her lover spoils her silly; also that she is having so much fun, without worrying about getting pregnant.
Lesbianism has really eaten deep into a lot of Nigeria female celebrities, that they are in desperate search for more younger females to initiate and one fact is, lesbians too suffer from suspicious syndrome, and they are so quick to get jealous when they find their young lover is into someone else.
Pretty girls who are smart and witty are usually the targets of these older women.
Photo Credit: Atlanta’s Royal Photography


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