Monday, 19 November 2012


Monalisa Chinda’s ex husband, Dejo Richards may not be having it smooth with his love-life at the moment, as he is said to be aggrieved over the crash of his celebrated marriage with his new wife, Mimi.

For those who are close to the couple, their marriage seemed like a union made in heaven as their love for each other is very evident in their way of life. Not only does the handsome dude flaunt his pretty wife,Mimi at the slightest opportunity, they are said to have told those who cared to listen that the union was till death do them part.
This, Dejo confirmed in an interview he granted few months back.
He said; “The beautiful, new wife I got married to is very calm, caring and very God-fearing. I had no choice than to marry her.
This woman I met and married is awesome. She’s gorgeous. She is all what I want in a woman. I can’t afford to let her slip by. So, I had to grab her right away.

She is a Yoruba lady from a good background. She believes in the institution called marriage. She is a Christian not by mouth but by action. With the few months we have met, she knows me through and through. She knows the real me. When we met, the chemistry was just there.” He squealed then.
However,  we learnt that trouble set in weeks back when Mimi discovered that Dejo was only using her for financial gains.
They allege that Dejo who plays big in showbiz had thought that Mimi had plenty of money, not knowing she was just a struggling woman that had a blind father to cater for.
Not only that, close sources revealed that Dejo wanted to use Mimi as a means to enter the United States for Green card.
The pretty lady, Mimi who couldn’t condone his excesses decided to call it quits and returned to her base in Louisana, United States of America.
It would be recalled that star actress Monalisa Chinda also dumped Dejo three years ago over issue of battering.
The union produced a lovely daughter.    



  1. This is a blatant lie. Dejo Richards was the one who called it quits because he realised he was married to an over obssessed,pretetious wife who hates her father and disrespects him ( will

  2. such lies pasted...Dejo didnt call it quit missy, He had no idea this was coming at him,

    He just went to press to try to sue them through his agent, stating that his marriage was in good stand and that he and his wife heard about the supposed divorce via the internet...Please get ur facts right before you make any comment about the couple...This dude is bad news!


    thats the link that shows that he had no idea its coming


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