Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Anita, the longtime girlfriend of Paul Okoye of P-Square is heavily pregnant. And she is set to deliver soon.
As for the father of the baby to come, we can tell you authoritatively that Paul is responsible for the pregnancy.

Anita is due to have the baby any time soon.And it is widely believed that the yet to be born child might be a boy.
Anita has been abroad for months and she is specifically in Scotland where she currently doing her Masters at the University of Dundee hence the news of her pregnancy could only be broken now because no one had access to her.
It is also widely believed that she has been out of public circulation over there having been off the social radar by not attending events so that her protruding belly would not be seen.
Paul’s twin brother, Peter Okoye confirmed the report via social networking site’ Twitter’.
He tweeted thus:” Congrats 2 my brother @rudeboypsquare and his long-term girlfriend who are expecting a baby soon... Trust me bro its a good feeling.
Congratulations to Anita and @rudeboypsquare am sure its gona be a boy like me..#bigsmile
Peter Okoye is already a father to three-year old Cameron, and is expecting a second child from his longtime girlfriend, Lola Omotayo.
Further digs revealed that Paul is leaving no stone unturned to organize a superlative talk-of-the-town wedding with Anita.
We learnt Paul has started informing his friends of his plans to settle down with Anita.
A lot of his close pals were expecting him to pick a date almost immediately but he disappointed them as he kept mum over the wedding date.
But close sources to the lovebirds revealed to us that the wedding is slated for second quarter of 2012.
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