Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Call him the latest sensation in the music industry and you won’t be flawed as his hit singles like “Back when”, “Dami Duro”, “Ekuro” and the latest one “All of You” are currently storming the airwaves.
Aside his musical talent and good looks, his pedigree as a son of a wealthy politician has nailed him as a guy who needs to be cautious of babes who are already going weak for his charisma.

Whenever his presence is announced at any party, babes go wild with excitement and that’s because he has got the swags, charisma, hit songs and above all looks that elicit emotions from his teeming fans.
His presence ignites any gathering and he appeals to both young and old.
Of course it is no longer news that the bodyguards craze has hit the Nigerian entertainment industry, but from the look of things; Davido seems to have joined the trend.
We gathered that the Omo Baba Olowo as he proudly called himself now moves about with bodyguards to avoid close tie or any form of harassment from fans.
We’ve stumbled on the Pop icon at various events with his fierce looking bodyguards recently and with what will observed, his fans were not too cool with his new lifestyles.
According to one of his diehard fans;” We don’t expect this from Davido. We made him a star by buying his album and attending his shows.
We deserved to have a close ties with him and not this humiliating forms of discrimination and ill treatment”. The fans fumed.
Do you think being security cautious is tantamount to arrogance or his fans are just being mischievous?
Feel free to share your thought on the issue at hand.     

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