Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Nollywood  makeup artiste Thelma ozy nwosu is in the news again.
She’s said to be enmeshed in a husband snatching saga.
The sexy makeup artiste was said to have broken the marriage of her best friend Gloria Mba whose marriage was contracted to Houston based, Leo kanu last year March.
Findings revealed that Leo Kanu reportedly had some issues with the wife,Gloria and Thelma was fingered as the brain behind the palaver.
Informants claimed Thelma and Leo Kanu have been embroiled in an affair for some time- but kept very low profile.

Sources claim Leo Kanu and Thelma attend events and keep odd hours based on this arrangement.

Gloria Mba, the celebrated wife of  Leo Kanu was said to be in the dark about this development while the relationship was on.
However, the bubble finally burst when Gloria stumbled on Thelma and Leo's love and sex mails to each other.
We learnt Gloria is so bitter and betrayed that she dropped Leo Kanu’s family name and reverted to her father’s name.
Findings revealed that Family members of the couple has tried to reconcile them but things had drifted so wide apart.
Checks revealed the estranged couple have been trying to pick the pieces of their lives separately.
It would be recalled that about a year ago there was buzz online and in nollywood that Thelma dipped her fingers into actor Segun Arinzes marriage whilst in a serious relationship with yaw.

It took prayers and fasting to rebuke Thelma out of segun's marriage. This we learnt led to yaw dumping Thelma and moving on with his heart.

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