Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Saturday November 24 2012, Body Enhancement expert, Modupe Ozolua got the treatment of the alienated.

She was bounced at the 50th birthday celebration of Martha, wife of Chris Najomo.

The gone low profile Breast enhancer arrived the party, held at Civic Centre, Lagos- without an invite.

And the gate keepers refused her entry on self recognition- efforts by another party goer, Shade Balogun to secure entry for the BEARS Foundation boss was rebuffed by security at the place.

Shade wielding an invite claimed she invited Ozolua and attempted to gain entrance for the two of them, on the strength of a single invitation card-but the gate men would have none of that.

A friend in need, Balogun refused to abandon Ozolua to her fate- she stayed put with the bounced socialite.

They had beaten checks at the first stop, pranced across the Red carpet and where at the last check point before they were turned back!.

The duo spent about ten minutes at the gate- as shown in the exclusive picture- before the celebrant's hubby obviously on another mission outside, spotted them and helped resolved their situation.

Source: Societynow



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