Friday, 16 November 2012


It is no longer news that the wives of most rich celebrities and top politicians patronize and keep permanent spiritualists, (Herbalists), who they regularly consult for solutions to their various problems especially, marital issues.

Many of these  herbalists are very powerful, they have proven their spiritual capabilities often times and so in a desperate bid to always curry the favors of their rich and busy husbands, these wives often patronize and pamper the Spiritualists with expensive gifts and cash.
It is the desire of every woman to date or marry powerful and rich men, because they want to enjoy all the good things of life, which they believe these rich, influential and powerful men can provide.
With the help of these Herbalists, their rich husbands willingly pick the bills of their ostentatious lifestyle.
In similar vein, those of them whose husbands have more wives also use the Spiritualists to gain their husband’s love and attention at all times, so the man won’t neglect them for the other women.
To before warn is to be forearmed, so they consult the Herbalists before taking any major decision in their homes, so they can have prior knowledge of danger, if any, that may lie ahead of them.
These women always spend heavily on these Herbalists for their loyalty to them, at all times.
Whatever request they (the spiritualists) make, are instantly met, most times far beyond their own request. And on the part of the Herbalists, they work hard to make sure the spiritual problems of their “customers” are solved, so as to keep the many largesse from them coming non-stop.
Such gifts of appreciation include; expensive clothes, handsets, cars and cash.
Some of these women even get single girls for these herbalists to marry as wives. Also, some of them even, often engage in some sordid things, just to be in the good books of their spiritualists, for instance, they most times willingly sleep with them.
A source revealed how recently, a wife of a top celebrity boasts before her friends that her husband can marry as many wives as he wants, but she swore that none of the wives can last in the marriage for 2 months.
The husband of this woman, truly, has tried to take a second wife for 8 unsuccessful times.
For many wives of celebrities, they believed that keeping herbalist is the beginning of wisdom.

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