Wednesday, 5 December 2012


People who have spotted top actress Moji Olaiya in recent times will quickly discover that she appears more beautiful and sexy. This is because the actress has gotten smoother and radiant skin and a brand new pretty face that speak volumes of good maintenance.

However, the fair-skinned actress has added weight on abnormal areas of her body.
She has put in extra chubby tummy which is gradually dropping towards her laps like a Sumo wrestler.
While this stomach is bouncing profusely, her backside appears to be moving towards the front instead of shooting backwards.
Coming up a little, one will discover that Moji’s hands have added extra weight as she now possesses the look of Christian mothers on one hand and that of an overweight wrestler on the other hand.
Meanwhile, her close pals revealed that the talented thespian must have relapsed deep into her heavy eating habit, which must have resulted in the extra weight lately.


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