Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Hip hop star, and MTN “Pulse” Ambassador, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido is about the most sought-after Nigerian artiste right now.
The 20-year old singer whose debut album has sold over 5 million copies is not only hot but also the youngest Hip hop act rocking the scene at the moment.

Within the space of 12 months, the dark-complexioned good-looking young man has won several awards including The Headies for Best Next Rated Artiste of the year.
Right now, no big show is complete without the talented singer on the roll call of performing acts.
Without doubt he dazzles the guests whenever he steps on stage and also makes the ladies go crazy.
Based on the fact that Davido is talented, young and handsome, he has become the toast of many women irrespective of their age, tribe and religion. He has of course been linked with quite a lot of women ( mostly older).
With his debut album “ Omo Baba Olowo” making a statement for him as the artiste to watch out for many years to come, he has found himself dwelling in many controversies.
Few days back, Davido was caught up in another controversy and this time it is a sex scandal with a hooker popularly known as Ashawo.
A photo was released by an unknown person on the internet and in 15 minutes had circulated on every Blackberry phone in Nigeria.
The picture had Davido and the said lady (names withheld), in a “compromising act”.
A close look at the picture shown that Davido just finish having a wonderful time out (romps in bed) with the lady.
The incident was said to have happened at one secluded spots for VIP’s only.
Findings revealed that this is not the first time the talented singer has had and is having multiple affairs with the Queens of the Night.
He actually belongs to a group of young rockers who are still fond of sampling fresh and clean “Call Girls”.
What Davido and his HKN Gang are noted for is to pass around girls amongst themselves.
Those who know Davido better said that he is not serious with any of the many glitzy babes he’s in a relationship with, and just enjoys the fling he’s having with this” Runs Girls” . Davido believes he’s at the peak of his career and does not want to be emotionally attached to any lady for now, because  this might have adverse effect on his blossoming career. Rather, he prefers this young and sexy “Runs Girls” to satisfy his inner most sexual fantasies.
He’s said to love “Runs Girls” company so much that he has decided not to stay with just one. He is very amenable and respectful with “Call Girls” who flocked around him because of his extreme good looks, money and fame.
Further digs revealed that most times, he hooked up with this “Call Girls” at the venue of shows he’s billed to perform and he’s known to be very generous in spending on them heavily as long as they can satisfy his voracious sexual urges.
But while many try to fathom why he’s living such a reckless life and endangering himself to venereal diseases,Davido has become a phenomenon in the music industry he barged into a few months back.
On the music scene right now, it is difficult to point out his closest rival among the men.


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