Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Mexican maids became a fad last year in Lagos. This has spilled over to other parts of the country.
Mexican maids are housekeepers from Mexico. They mostly in the age bracket of 28 years to 36 years.
They are quite educated. They are used as executive housekeepers.

The agency that brings them in is in Lagos.
However, there are some conditions to be met before one could have them.
Firstly, their basic salary is about $700 monthly. It is used to be $500 but has been ikreased.
Secondly, she is entitled to a ticket to visit her family after a year for 2 weeks.
Thirdly, she is to be given a studio room with air-conditioner, Cable TV and comfortable bed.
Finally, she must 2`e involvv t)manual`BcourY4/U<քv= ="MsoNorm0v> Those conversant with the TV ;how in America called “Super Na]” will h!e a pUfect picture of these maids. They are super nannies.
They are employed to take carenf the kido6!gro!them, make )ktsPohonal cuisine for thm and take the kids out oaygrounds such as Amusement Parks, Cinemas, etc.
They are to train the kids (pro4de support structure for busy parents) and to run the home in their absence.
These Mexican maids work assiduously.                                                            
 Some prefer Mexican maids with American accent so that they can help their children’s accents. They have uniforms they wear. A white trouser and top for outing, or white and yellow chequered dress with a bottom fitted gown.
 They are very effective and smart.
A Mexican maid was sighted recently at IITA with 2 kids. She was with them at the pool-side, teaching them to swim and later took them to the restaurant to eat, while the couple, (a Nigerian Engineer with IITA married to an American), just enjoyed themselves.
She was absolutely in charge of the kids.
Those who use these maids are usually very big boys with deep pockets and who can afford them. It’s simply a class thing which in-turn helps their kids grow up with certain norms.

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