Thursday, 20 December 2012


It appears to be the era when secrecy and self discipline are becoming a thing of the past in Nollywood.
This is because these days, most of our so called popular faces engage in corporate prostitution.
According to sources, the messy deal is carried out both locally and internationally.

Local charges, we gathered, depends on the class of the actress and the buyer’s financial capability, as we learnt that the fees range from #150,000 to #200,000 thousand per round of sex,while politicians pay as much as #500,000 per night to top actresses and go as far as giving them jeeps and other cars for one month of service.
One of the actresses who fall into this category is Cossy Orjiokor.
She’s probably one of the most tossed around celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment industry and she is never bothered about her ways; rather she keeps focusing on what she knows how to do best.
She is a scantily dressed young lady and everything about her oozes sex.Her male counterparts are really understanding her gesture, as they do not leave any stone unturned in giving her exactly what she wants.
Few years back when she was desperately seeking money and fame, the rumour mills had it that she allegedly slept with a dog for a paltry sum of N 1million naira.
Insiders said Cossy has practically graced the beds of all the Governors, Ministers, Business Moguls,actors,Musicians and Media Practitioners.
This Anambra state born singer cum actress is now in her late 30s, she drinks and smokes like a Chimney and cares less about having a husband and children.
A scenario plays out recently when one of her close pals in the “Derogatory Business” took to social networking site, Twitter to laud her mentor (Cossy).
The lady with the Twitter handle “Pwesh-ama” tweeted thus
Cossy is the pioneer of all Aristo girls in Nigeria…Mhen, she’s the ultimate Ashewo…she’s the Ashewo other Ashewo’s look up to as a role model
And to everyone amazement, Cossy retweeted the lady’s tweet; confirming that she belongs to the clique of Nollywood actresses who sleeps around to uphold the elitist style of living they deem fit for people of their status as super stars and role models.
Right now, Cossy has been tagged Nollywood’s bad actress as a result of her wayward lifestyle but that has no doubt stopped her teeming fans from loving her.
She is obviously taking the stakes higher while the courageous ones are tagging along.
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                                                  Candid picture of Cossy Orjiokor having sex with a Dog


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