Thursday, 31 January 2013


Linda Ikeji is arguably Nigeria’s most successful entertainment blogger. Not only has her super-blog recorded over 40,000 hits per day, cementing its position as the most popular site of its kind, but Linda is also convinced she has nailed the Next Big Thing.

The slim and caramel-skinned babe started as a model before she resorted to her passion which has presently fetched her desired fame, with the fortune also trickling in.
The case however is that this sexy Ex-model cum blogger seems to be finding right men to love her unconditionally for marriage elusive.
She has had it rough over time in her relationships.
It would be recalled that shortly after she had a bitter taste of affair in the hands of Top Radio Presenter, Dan Foster, an affair that left the duo at the mercy of bad press as a result of the controversy it generated, the controversial blogger plunged deep into another romance with an abroad based guy.
Linda held the handsome dude in high esteem and rumour became rife that he is the man she would walk down the aisle with.
However, all hopes of wedding bells between the lovebirds were dashed when the charming bloke called it quits with Linda.
And now that marriage plan is not in the offing for the 32 year old blogger, this has been a source of major concern for the pretty babe family and friends, given the fact that many other less endowed skill and beauty wise in the industry are tying the knot.
Findings revealed that Linda’s travails started when she was young, her parent circumcised her by complete removal of her genitalia and then sewed closed as a means of preventing her from being promiscuous and most importantly keeping her virginity intact for her future husband.
But awful reality finally dawned on them when Linda attained marriageable age and nothing is forthcoming because she despise having an intimate affair with men and the few ones that she endures to date just to fulfill all righteousness, once they get to know that she’s asexual in nature (Frigid), they took to their heels which has been a major concern for the love ones of the highly revered blogger.
She once confessed on her blog about her secret agony.
According to her, “I’ve never really enjoyed sex.
And I blame it on the fact that I was circumcised.
Some things were cut off, so there’s not much sensation down there. I mean, I enjoyed intimacy and when the tongue was at work…….* cough*…… but penetration was a different case.
Half the times, I couldn’t wait for him to get off me.
So usually, I tell myself why seek something you don’t particularly enjoy? She squealed
Meanwhile, close sources to the influential blogger revealed to us that her parents are not in good mood due to their daughter’s present condition. This is on account of her refusal to get serious with prospective suitors  asking for her hand in marriage despite knowing her shortcomings in her previous relationships.
The big question on everyone’s lips about the Imo state born blogger is when will the wedding bells ring?


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  2. What a pity,I really feel for you,may God bless you with a righteous gentleman soon


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