Friday, 4 January 2013


The protracted supremacy battle between Fuji musicians K1 the Ultimate and Abass Akande Obesere may have assumed a dangerous dimension.

 The gladiators, we learnt, have refused to sheathe their swords.

 An industry source told us that the warring musicians engaged each other in a verbal war recently.

The bitterness has degenerated into incontrollable crisis between the talented musicians and their disciples. So bad that K1 and Obesere have vowed to deal with each other anytime their paths crossed.

 They are now day and night in the industry.

 We also learnt that all efforts to broker peace between the musicians have proved abortive.

 “K1 and Obesere have gone back to the trenches. I learnt they don’t see eye to eye again. I was told that what reopened their can of worm was the interview granted by Obesere in this week edition of City People Magazine, referring to K1 as someone who doesn't like anyone who is making progress.

 According to Obesere “After the death of Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, K1 started parading himself as the new king of Fuji. He can't be the new King when General Kollington Ayinla is still alive. That is rude! Ayinla has been playing music long before all of us that makes him our father.

Even after Ayinla's death, K1 will still not have the right to call himself the leader of fuji musicians.

He has never been a King over me. He is the Lord of his own music. He is rude to even the elderly ones and that is why someone like me will never agree with him on anything. This type of bad attitude of his is what has made me not to respect him. I am the type of person who will always voice out when I am not cool with something. Even K1 himself knows I don't take shit from anyone.

 He tries to sing about me, say good things about me whenever we are together in public; all to let people think all is well between us and to curry my good side. But we both know that is all camouflage. K1 doesn't like anyone who is making progress. He's a snob. He doesn't have a good character. Because of him, I want to change my kind of music from Fuji. I give respect to only those who deserve it." - Abass Akande Obesere squealed

 Now, I learnt they have drawn the battle line.

 I think it’s high time the elders in the industry waded into the matter before it gets out of hands”, the source spined.


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