Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Death is one phenomenon that is inevitable.
However, it is gradually becoming more frequent in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.
It is no longer news that the Nigerian entertainment industry is losing more showbiz practitioners more than before.

In these first quarter alone, the industry has lost two individuals who have made their marks in the entertainment industry.
The unpleasant incident started on the eve of New Year, with the death of Yoruba star actress Bisi Komolafe who died after a brief illness.
Before other entertainers could relax from the painful loss, another pop star from the music industry Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey popularly known as Goldie passed on to the great beyond.
Goldie died on Valentine’s day shortly after she returned from Los Angeles, USA, where she attended the 55th Grammy Awards.
The autopsy carried out on February 19,2013 and signed by Dr. O.O Oyewole of the department of Pathology and Forensic Medicine revealed that the songstress who was constantly criticized for her weird dress sense and out of this world conducts suffered Intracerebellar Hemorrhage caused by an underlying Hypertensive Heart disease which resulted to Intracerebellar Hemorrhage.
This in turn affected her spinal cord bringing about a severe headache that resulted to her untimely death.
Though of Ekiti descent,she was born and bred in Lagos.She had her early education at Greensprings Montessori primary school and then St. John’s College,Palm Grove,Lagos before studying Business Management(B.Arts) at the university of Sunderland,England.
Her sojourn into music started in 2006 releasing her debut album”Spin Me” with 4 tracks which include “Komole”,”Nothing has changed”,”Shift” and “Spin Me”.
The svelte and sexy singer, whose singles “Jawo”,”You Know It” featuring Eldee and “Don’t Touch My Body” was signed on to Kennis Music Label in 2010 and won many awards.
Her popularity rose when she participated in the Big Brother Season 7 tagged Star Game.
Her alleged romance with fellow housemate and Kenyan born Prezzo was a major topic in the better part of 2012.
Since the Duchess, as Goldie was known hit the limelight,much has not been heard about her private life,although she was once romantically linked to Kennis Music Vice President,Dayo D1 Adeneye and Kenyan music star Prezzo.
Days after her sudden death,more shocking revelations of her lifestyle are coming to the open.
An expatriate by the name Andrew Harvey came out to submission that he and the late singer are legally married with pictures to substantiate his claim.
This shocking revelation came as a rude shock to many of the late singer’s fans,his label mates and the CEO of her label,Kenny Keke Ogungbe,whom are all kept in the dark while the singer was alive.
But on why Goldie shrouded her marital status in secrecy, a close source to the late singer who spoke on the condition of anonymity opened up to us.
According to her,”Goldie was someone who had a huge passion for music.Before she walked down the aisle with Mr. Andrew Harvey in 2005, they had an agreement that their union will not affect her dreams and career in anyway.
Moreover,Mr. Harvey himself is a busy business man based in Malaysia. They get to see once a while and talk more on phone;”the source squealed.
The source further disclosed that”Goldie love for fame made her kept her marital status private to avoid any form of bad press and keep her marriage from the prying eyes of the public.
Goldie and her hubby were planning having kids this year when death came knocking”the source said
                                                           HER UNFULFILLED DREAMS                            
Stepping into mainstream music and becoming a super star was Goldie’s ultimate dream. Her participation in the Big Brother Season 7 was also a step towards this direction.
It is also sad that her Dad,Mr. Filani would bury her instead of it going the natural way. And to add to her disappointment, she didn’t live to promote her TV Reality show.
The show tagged “The Friendship” was scheduled to hit the airwaves by the end of February as few episodes had been shot already alongside her close pal,Denrele Edun.
Goldie was finally laid to rest today Monday February 25th, 2013 at a private funeral held at Vaults and Gardens cemetery in Ikoyi.
Adieu Goldie!                                                                                                                 

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