Monday, 1 April 2013


The war of attrition between 2face and Blackface members of the defunct R n B group,Plantashun Boiz has certainly not abated.
The conspicuous absentee of Blackface at the white wedding ceremony of 2face on Saturday 23rd of March 2013, at a 5 star Beach Resort,Jumeirah in Dubai, set many tongues wagging at the well attended event.

It was at the event that Www. got to know that the former close friends have not reconciled since they parted ways months back.
Blackface was not only absent at the wedding proper, he also did not follow them to Akwa Ibom state,Nigeria where the traditional wedding took place.
When Blackface was asked on social networking site, Twitter why he was absent at the wedding of his close pal, he responded thus
I don’t go where I’m not invited
Nobody seemed to know precisely what caused the friction in their friendship but there are insinuations that 2face did not, in anyway, assist Blackface when he sought for his assistance when he suffered a reversal of fortune and ejected from home by landlord.
This insensitive act displayed by 2face, we learnt got Blackface infuriated and this made him to send his management after 2face to claim his own share and royalty on the smatched hit single “African Queen” that he co-wrote with 2face.
2face, according to our insider, felt heavily betrayed by his former closest pal’s ploy and outburst, which he described as the ranting of a frustrated musician.
Ever since then, the former best pals turned sworn enemies have refused to sheath their sword.
We will definitely keep you posted as events unfold.


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